Available licensing opportunities:

  • Iodocarb, a new treatment for COPD and chronic bronchitis

PharmaLundensis develops Iodocarb, a new, effective treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD, and chronic bronchitis based on a new mechanism of action. It is well-known that tobacco smoke contains considerable amounts of heavy metals (1). Iodocarb effectively binds and removes metals from the body. Iodocarb was found to improve the lung function of patients with COPD (2). In addition, it reduced cough and mucous by 18 %, compared to 3 % by placebo.
1. M. Chiba and R. Masironi. Toxic and trace elements in tobacco and tobacco smoke. Bull World Health Organ. 1992; 70(2): 269–275.
2. Skogvall S, Erjefält JS, Olin AI, Ankerst J, Bjermer L. Oral iodinated activated charcoal improves lung function in patients with COPD. Respir Med. 2014 Jun;108(6):905-9.

Patent protection
* Patents in many European countries, Russia, China and Japan for Iodocarb. (WO2009067067)
* National patent to protect Iodocarb comp  (WO2015075111) has been granted in USA, Europe, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, and is pending in some more countries.
* New patent applications for Iodocarb novum will establish patent protection in even more countries in the world.

Clinical strategy
We will initially focus on developing Iodocarb as a treatment for chronic bronchitis. When this treatment is nearing registration, clinical studies to register Iodocarb also as a COPD treatment will be performed. This strategy will reduce the time and resources needed to take Iodocarb to the market when revenues can be expected.

Licensing opportunities
PharmaLundensis will retain marketing rights for Iodocarb in core markets (mainly Nordic countries), but offers pharma companies elsewhere the opportunity to license Iodocarb. 
Medium-sized pharma companies are invited to sign pre-licencing agreements to obtain exclusive licenses in their main market for the sale of Iodocarb. In some parts of the world, mainly Asia, it is expected that Iodocarb needs to undergo one or more additional clinical studies before registration is possible. On these markets, local licensing partners need to have a solid experience in performing clinical studies and registering pharmaceutical drugs on that market. However, on markets where such additional clinical studies are not expected to be required, such as in Europe, licensing partners need not have this competence.

The pre-licensing agreement consists of an option for a company to obtain an exclusive license in their main market for the sale of Iodocarb to treat COPD and chronic bronchitis. The option is payed by an annual fee, can be terminated by the buyer at the end of each year, and determines at what point in the clinical development process the buyer has to decide if the option should be used (normally when 100 patients have tested Iodocarb). We intent to sign pre-licensing agreements for 10-15 countries at present. We prefere having several local partners rather than only a few larger companies. A company can sign pre-licensing agreements covering a maximum of 3 countries under this program.

Please contact CEO Dr Staffan Skogvall for inquiries regarding pre-licensing in specific countries: