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PharmaLundensis AB (publ) develops the following projects:
* A new, effective treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD.
* EcoFilter® that prevents the release of antibiotics and multi-resistant bacteria in hospital waste water.
* An effective treatment for chronic bronchitis.
* Treatment for influenza-induced lung failure.

PharmaLundensis shares are traded on Aktietorget.

Insider trading (171013)
Staffan Skogvall has recently acquired 4 221 PharmaLundensis shares. He has during 2017 purchased a total of 22 511 PharmaLundensis shares.

Patent for the treatment of chronic bronchitis is granted in Europe (170921)
The European Patent Office EPO has announced that it approves PharmaLundensis patent application “Activated carbon comprising an adsorbed iodide salt in a method for treating chronic bronchitis WO2014084763. The patent is valid until 2032 with the option of an additional 5 years extension.

Patent for this project have previously been granted in Japan and applications are currently evaluated in China and South Korea.

CEO Dr Staffan Skogvall: PharmaLundensen’s patent portfolio is developing very well. Recently, the first national patent for the COPD treatment Iodocarb comp was granted and now it is the patent that protects the treatment against chronic bronchitis that is approved on the company’s main market in Europe. I am pleased that the patent authorities understand and approve our innovative products!

Licensing (170915)
PharmaLundensis participated in the Nordic Life Science Days 2017. During their partnering event, we met a number of pharma companies from Japan, South Korea and India who had requisted information about PharmaLundensis COPD  treatment Iodocarb. All the companies expressed an interest in the project after the meeting and requested additional information for their internal duscussions.

The meetings fit well into PharmaLundensis´strategy to retain marketing rights on core markets (Europe) while out-licensing Iodocarb to local partners elsewhere. The pharma companies were of a medium size with around 500-2000 people in their pharma divisions. All the companies have experience in clinical trials and registering new substances on their markets. This is important since a COPD treatment developed exclusively with European patients will need to have some additional clinical studies perfomed on asian patients before registration in those countries are possible.  We intend to out license Iodocarb exclusively to one pharma company on each market outside of Europe.

First patent for Iodocarb comp granted (170908)
PharmaLundensis patent application protecting activated carbon impregnated with iodine or iodine salts in combination with perchlorate (Iodocarb comp WO2015075111) for treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has now been granted in South Africa. The patent lasts for at least 16 years, with the possibility of a 5 year extension.

This is the first patent for Iodocarb comp that is granted. PharmaLundensis has also filed national patent applications  in nine other markets (USA, Europe, China, Japan, Chile, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Russia). As is described in the Year-end Report, February 16, 2017, the Company has the strategy of securing patent protection in the four major markets (EU, US, Japan and China), but also in at least one smaller country per continent outside the major markets. The plan is that a pharmaceutical company in that country licenses Iodocarb comp and then is responsible for sales across the region. A pharmaceutical company in South Africa will thus be responsible for the sale of Iodocarb in the majority of the African countries.

CEO Dr Staffan Skogvall: It is very positive that the first national patent for Iodocarb comp is now granted. Thus, one can expect great likelihood of positive results even in other regions. I think we will benefit greatly from this patent which will also be able to protect the new, improved iodinated carbon that we are developing.

Development of new, more effective Iodocarb
PharmaLundensis is developing a new iodinated activated charcoal that has the potential to multiply the positive effects on the airways. If this is successful, it can be of great use to all COPD sufferers!

Insider trading: CEO Staffan Skogvall bought 5,000 PharmaLundensis shares for SEK 4,45 2017-07-14.

New, life-saving treatment against Influenza-induced lung failure (ARDS) is being developed
Every winter, the world is affected by flu epidemics. Often the symptoms are quite mild, but sometimes they become very serious. The Spanish Flu caused 50-100 million deaths in 1918-1919, and even the Asian Flu (57-58) and the Hong Kong flu (68-70) resulted in millions of deaths1. Today, the swine flu 2009 caused a great deal of deaths despite modern care. Influenza viruses can cause such severe airway inflammation that they collapse, which can not be resolved with today’s drug. The only possibility is to place the patient in “artificial lung” 2. This is an extremely complicated technique, and there are only about ten healthcare centers throughout Sweden. A major influenza epidemic of a virus strain that severely worsens lung function would be a nightmare and considered by many experts as one of the greatest threats to the future of humanity.

PharmaLundensis is starting a project to treat lung disease caused by influenza. The project is run “in-house” and we will conduct lab trials to investigate whether pharmacological modification of a specific mechanism can effectively treat this pulmonary disease. After patenting, we intend to outsource this concept to larger companies. The Board estimates that a successful drug will be procured and stored by emergency preparedness organizations around the world as protection against future dangerous flu epidemics. The medication may also be used by patients who receive pulmonary symptoms from the usual seasonal flu.
1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Influenza
2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extracorporeal_membrane_oxygenation

EcoFilter Patent in Sweden granted
The first EcoFilter patent in Sweden has now been granted. It relates to a method for reducing waste production in evaporation processes. The patent is valid until November 2, 2035.
EcoFilter patent Sweden

Annual Report 2016 (in Swedish)
PharmaLundensis Annual Report for 2016 in PDF format can be downloaded here:  Annual Report 2016

Japanese patent for KI-impregnated activated carbon granted
PharmaLundensis has now received Patent in Japan for potassium iodide impregnated charcoal for treatment of chronic bronchitis:
Japanese KI-patent